How to enter:

Nominating your company for an award can be time consuming, but fortunately, the entry process for the Freddie + me Awards is simple and our team at Attraqt will be here to help you at every step of your application process - here's how it works:

Choose your categories
You can enter as many categories as you like by filling out and submitting entries for your chosen categories. If you are struggling to pick one, get in touch with your contact in Attraqt and we can help you choose. 

Write your main entry
Your nomination will be judged on an entry form that is quick and simple to complete. This should outline the ways that you have used the Fredhopper Discovery Platform in a creative and smart way to meet the award entry criteria. Every detail of your entry will be treated in a strictly confidential manner for the purpose of judging the awards only. If you are struggling with completing the entry form, then we can provide you with further guidance to help you write one. Our CSMs and marketing team are also on hand to help you write the entries if needed.

Submit your nomination online via the submission links below
Fill out the simple award application form in the link below for the award(s) you want to enter into. 

Who can enter the Freddie + me Awards?
The awards are open to all Attraqt Customers.

How much does it cost to enter the awards?
Nothing! The awards are completely free to enter.

I've entered and received a confirmation email - what happens next?
Soon after the awards close for entries, we will announce the shortlist, from which our judging panel will select the winners who will be announced at the Annual Customer Conference on 9th May 2019. The shortlist will be published on our website and all shortlisted entrants will be notified by email. 


 Award Categories

Shopper Experience

This award celebrates Attraqt customers who have most improved their customer shopping experiences using the diverse features of the Fredhopper Discovery Platform. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how their diverse strategies with the platform have driven noticeable enhancements to the way that shoppers have been engaging with and shopping on their sites.

Things to consider when entering for this award:

  • Brand Inspiration: What ways have you used the platform to make your brand stand out above the competition with a distinctive, relevant and engaging product offering?
  • Seamless Product Discovery: What ways has your use of the platform helped your diverse shoppers to find relevant products with ease?
  • Exceptional Shopper Experience: How have you used the different functions of the platform to enhance the way that you showcase your products on site, so that diverse customers can easily connect with what you have to offer.




This award recognises the smart use of data from the Fredhopper Discovery Platform. Winning retailers will be able to show how an intelligent application of data and analytics has driven great results for their teams and customers.

Things to consider when entering for this award:

  • Customer Segmentation: Have you used data insights to optimise on-site shopping journeys for markedly different customer segments?
  • Personalization through Data: What ways have you utilised data to create tailored and personalized recommendations to match the on-site behaviour of your shoppers?
  • A/B Testing: Have you run any A/B testing projects to help you improve the optimisation of your customer shopping experience?




Better, together

This award celebrates the best blend of smart automation and creative thought when it comes to visual merchandising. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how their creative use of the platform has driven merchandising strategies that have elevated their results in an impressive way.  

Things to consider when entering for this award:

  • Commercial Strategies: In what way have you have applied commercial strategies to different areas of your site to elevate commercial performance
  • Automation & Manual Control: Have you combined smart automation with manual overrides and control to showcase inspirational products that your customers love?
  • Optimal performance: What ways have you combined different merchandising rules to maximize shopper experience whilst also meeting commercial goals?



PioneeringThis award celebrates individuals and teams who have come up with a clever and pioneering idea when it comes to the use of the Fredhopper Discovery Platform. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how this smart idea has driven a positive change, big or small, from saving time in everyday workflows to scaling activities across markets.

Things to consider when entering for this award:

  • Smart Use of Different Data Sources: Have you integrated any new and interesting data points into the platform that have enabled you to better personalise the customer experience, eg. Using weather information to inform real-time product displays
  • Search Innovations: Have you introduced any new on-site search innovations that have helped your customers to locate relevant items in a faster way?
  • Scaling for Global and Local Needs: Have you been able to save time while scaling your strategies for global and local needs using automated functions of the platform? 



Entry Terms and Conditions

  1. You may enter one or more of the categories
  2. Companies are encouraged to nominate themselves
  3. The awards will close for submission on 1st May 2019
  4. All material submitted will remain confidential
  5. The 100-word overview from winners and finalists may be published in connection with the Awards
  6. The judges reserve the right to amend category selections where appropriate.
  7. The judges' decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into before or after the judging.
  8. Finalists will be notified by the 5th May 2019.
  9. The winners of each category will be announced at the presentation of the Awards at the Annual Attraqt Customer Conference on 9th May 2019; under no circumstances will the details be disclosed before that time.
  10. Entries received after the final closing date will not be accepted.