Influence the customer journey from intent, to purchase, and beyond - in real time.

 Attraqt webinar featuring Forrester


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In 2020, it is not enough to simply interact with customers across multiple channels.

Today, ecommerce companies must understand customer context and orchestrate a relevant experience - in real time.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a pivotal role in enabling personalisation to deliver on both experience and commercial goals.

Forrester Research coined the term Real Time Interaction Management to describe technology that delivers contextually relevant experiencers.

Managing this has traditionally been the domain of marketing, but is now relevant across multiple teams in the ecommerce customer journey.

Watch our guest speaker - Forrester Analyst, Rusty Warner along with John Raap, Chief Strategy Officer, Attraqt, as they outline the current state of play with personalisation and walk you through how to orchestrate relevant touchpoints with customers across the customer journey.

What you'll discover on the webinar:

✔️What is today's definition of journey orchestration and where does personalisation fit into this?

✔️What does today's fragmented journey look like? The role Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology is playing in fast-tracking the ability to orchestrate journeys - in real time.

✔️Why the Pandemic has increased the urgency for retailers and brands to be adaptable and prepared for frequent & uncertain fluctuations in consumer behaviour. 

✔️How centralising data is enabling marketers, merchandisers and trading specialists to work as a team to unlock commercial value and deliver efficient control of customer journey.


Webinar Presenters


Rusty Warner

Principal Analyst



John Raap

Chief Strategy Officer