Raconteur Report: Future of Ecommerce
Published in The Times 
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We are proud to be part of this year’s Future of Ecommerce Report by Raconteur. This special report, published in The Times, addresses the key challenges brands face when selling online and offers expert advice on how to tackle these issues.

The report features which features leaders and innovators in ecommerce includes: 

  • Why communication has become a key pillar of customer experience
  • How the Direct to Consumer model has gathered momentum
  • The role of Virtual Reality in a Covid 19-era
  • Why offering the right technology is so often the difference between a good and bad experience
  • How B2B buying has evolved during lockdown 


The New Ecommerce Battleground is Over Emotional Intelligence

Within this year's report, we at Attraqt also share why it's imperative for brands to not only recognise shopper intent, but engage on both a logical and emotional basis throughout the shopper journey.


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To read more about the Future of Ecommerce you can download the full report below:

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