This award celebrates Attraqt customers who have most improved their customer shopping experiences using the diverse features of the Fredhopper Discovery Platform. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how their diverse strategies with the platform have driven noticeable enhancements to the way that shoppers have been engaging with and shopping on their sites.

How to create an entry for the ‘Shopper Experience’ Award

The below guidelines can help you to compose your entry:

  • State the challenges – All nominations really consist of a challenge or series of challenges that have successfully been met. Explain what challenges your company or team encountered. 
  • Tell the story – Explain how your company, team or individual overcame those challenges and how Attraqt's technology and/or services helped you to meet those challenges. This is the most important part of the entry; it explains the actions, the issues and the reason that this is a potential winning entry. 
  • Use pictures – It may not always be appropriate, but graphs and pictures can help illustrate points. We don’t want too many, but one or two make the point more fully than text alone. 
  • Use figures  – Use figures when possible to give an objective view. They let the judges see the work that has been done and reinforce the story.
  • List the outcomes – What has changed/happened? What has worked? Why was it a success? Were there additional benefits? And who benefited? It may be that wider stakeholders were involved or were affected.
  • Summarise and make the case – Why should you win? This is the point to say and not be shy!

Enter for the Shopper Experience Award